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Home Selling Options

Develop a strategy to meet your goal when selling your home. Consider your end result, timing, cost, abilities, convenience and your available leverage to implement.


Home Value

 Ultimately home value is what a buyer is willing to pay. How do appraisals, zestimates, comparables relate to home values? How does this relate to your price?


Home Improvement

Consider your return on investment (ROI) with each home improvement project. Does the desire or need outweigh the ROI? Is the project needed to improve home value?


Cost Associated with selling

An evaluation of the various cost when selling your home will give you the clearest picture of your net result. Knowing all the costs will help you ensure you end with the best gain.


things to consider

 Considering all factors in regards to your home and your needs and desires prior to beginning the sales process can greatly reduce the stress of selling your home. 

make the best choices when selling your home

Home Selling Options

choose or combine options when planning to sell

Your needs and your unique situation are important.  No one strategy is best for everyone.  Having options gives you the most control.  


When evaluating options for selling your home understanding each option can play a significant role in highlighting your homes value to potential buyers.  Learn how JPAR Sure Sale can be a winning tool in the development of your home selling strategy.  Give Danna a call at 678-756-7007

what is your situation?

The list could continue but the bottom line is there is a solution for your specific needs.  

Now is a Great Time to Sell!

 Housing Inventory Levels are Low and Buyer Demand is High.

let's develop your selling strategy

Danna will guide you in determining the best strategy to meet your specific needs.

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the price a buyer will pay for your home

Home Value

what is meant by property value or market value?

Value of any product whether it be a pair of jeans, a new computer or a home is determined by how much a buyer is willing to pay for it.  However, when you are thinking of selling your home, just knowing the definition of value is not enough to help you determine the price you will ask for your home.

how value is determined

Determining a home’s value has been referred to as both an art and a science.  In can viewed as an art in that a properties assessed value relies on the knowledge and experience of the individual performing the assessment.  A science in that it relies upon available data of recent comparable home sales in the area.

common tools used by seller's
to understand how much their home is worth
your home's Value

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home improvement reasoning

Home Improvement

common home improvements sellers often ponder

The answer to any of these questions depends upon your home’s current value and the cost of the improvements.  Ultimately you want to be extremely careful not to over invest in home improvements and risk not being able to get a return on your investment (ROI) when selling.  Likewise, you want to understand what improvements would add value as well as provide ROI.

 As your Realtor, Danna will dig into the details of comparable home sales so you can understand which improvements might be helpful and which ones may not.  In the current seller’s market homes sell with and without improvements.  Understanding the details of the comparable sales and how various features may or may not have affected price will help you make the best decisions when considering improvements.

Inspector Checking Electrical

Who pays for the home inspection?

Home buyers are making a huge investment so it only makes sense they will pay a few hundred dollars and hire a home inspector.  As a seller, you can expect the buyer will ask you to repair any issues the inspector finds.  Although the items of concern on an inspection report are negotiable they have been known to cause a contract to fall through. 

Sometimes it is a good strategy for a seller to have an inspection done prior to listing their home.  This eliminates surprises and allows you the time to make informed decisions and obtain quotes if a contractor is necessary.  An added benefit  is you can then advertise your home as having been inspected by a licensed home inspector.




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Cost Associated with Selling

Considering the cost of a home sale

The cost you pay for selling your home could be viewed as being equal to the contracted purchase price minus the final amount you receive at the closing table when the sale has been completed. Using this formula would take into account transfer taxes, recording fees, unpaid liens or property taxes, any negotiated closing costs paid on behalf of the buyer, HOA closing letter fees and any real estate commissions.    But is that a true analysis of your total cost?

Purchase price
- Your Check at the completion of the sale
= your cost to sell your home
Or does it?

No one property is the same; therefore, there is no set cost that applies to selling a home.  Some homes sell for the highest price the market allows while others may sell for less than market value. Since the purchase price is definitely part of the formula for understanding the cost to sell, factors such as marketing the home for the best price and the time it may take to get the best price should be considered when evaluating your cost to sell.


Don't Forget to Consider your holding cost

It could be that time is not a major factor in regards to how long it takes to sell your home, especially if you are not paying a monthly mortgage. However, if you are paying a mortgage and if you are maintaining utilities during the process of obtaining a buyer these “holding costs” are true costs that reduce your bottom line when all is said and done. Another, factor in considering the time it takes to sell is the status of the housing market, of course this could be a benefit if home prices rise but could end up being a major cost if the market should make a down turn.

Other costs that Affect your bottom line

The perception the buying public has of the value of your home will definitely affect the purchase price you are able to obtain.  Homes shown in their best condition, highlighting the greatest benefits are more likely to generate higher priced offers.  Taking the time to prepare your home for sale while making informed decisions regarding necessary repairs or helpful updates is a proven strategy for getting the best possible price for your home. Yet the costs of repairs and updates must be weighed against the potential increase in the purchase price.

The Best Way to calculate potential cost to sell your home

Keeping your costs as low as possible when selling your home involves getting the most value possible out of each element involved in the process.  Starting with a cost efficient plan for preparing your home to sell, creating a high demand for your home with a detailed marketing strategy and negotiating the best terms with a well qualified buyer will ultimately provide you with the the lowest cost for your sale.  

estimated costs to consider when selling your home

Not every cost in the list will apply to every home sale. Keeping the costs as low as possible while getting the highest price for your home will require planning, a detailed marketing strategy and negotiating the best terms for the sale.

Helpful Resources

Ultimately What is Most Important to You

Things to consider

Selling a home can be compared to a project which requires a great deal of planning.  There are many aspects to consider when planning the best home selling strategy.  Beginning with the end in mind and planning each step along the way will help ensure you meet your vision of the ultimate goal.   

Consider Your Specific Needs