Walton County Real Estate Activity

Week Beginning Saturday 8/7/2021 through Friday 8/13/2021

New Listings in Walton County this week

63 homes were listed for sale in Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS).

1 additional home was listed in First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) that was not included in GAMLS.

Homes Under Contract this week in walton county

New Listings under contract in under 4 days

As of Monday 8/9/2021, 9 of the 64 listings added this week were under contract. View these quick moving listings below to see the homes Buyer’s were quick to purchase.

Homes Sold/Closed This Week in Walton County

View A List of All Homes closed in Walton County Last Week

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The table below lists all homes closed in Walton County that were listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  From this list you can compare the sold price to the listing price, see how much closing cost was paid by the seller,  and the type of financing used by the buyer.  


Listing #DOMSubdivisionAddressCityClosed DateList PriceSold PriceSellers ContributionFinancing Type
89405261Jubilee107 Tan YardSocial Circle8/9/2021$245,900 $245,900 3,500CN80
891885997Willow Brook2301 Spring Brook DrMonroe8/9/2021$280,000 $280,000 0FHA
90116472Southfork Ii791 Kaitlyn DrLoganville8/9/2021$350,000 $370,500 0VA
899561823None4964 Donald DrLoganville8/9/2021$375,000 $380,000 2,500CN80
90124322Amber Hills2490 Amber Hills DrMonroe8/10/2021$219,900 $220,000 1,500100%
90139806Golden Meadows1701 Littlebrook CtLoganville8/10/2021$299,900 $317,000 1,000CASH
90161063Huntington Ridge2295 Huntington DrLoganville8/10/2021$369,900 $375,000 0OTHR
895174132Belmont343 Bella DrMonroe8/10/2021$444,767 $444,767 2,000CASH
90270480Windridge2125 Wood Valley DrLoganville8/10/2021$450,000 $447,000 0CN80
90138294Highland Creek1414 Highland Creek DrMonroe8/10/2021$459,900 $465,000 5,000OTHR
898032958Twin Oak Estates2328 Twin Oak PlMonroe8/10/2021$500,000 $500,000 0CN80
90093656None2850 Carter LnLoganville8/11/2021$299,900 $315,000 0OTHR
90100912White Oaks1423 White OakLoganville8/11/2021$329,900 $351,000 1,250CASH
90134391White Oaks1427 White OakLoganville8/11/2021$340,000 $355,000 0CASH
90068024Providence Club160 Providence Club DrMonroe8/11/2021$359,900 $362,000 1,000CASH
90073937Crystal Springs Estates 21028 HoneyLoganville8/11/2021$529,000 $540,000 0URFA
900329512Rock Springs4690 Rock Springs CtLoganville8/12/2021$229,900 $240,000 5,000FHA
90209884Greystone3373 Greystone DrLoganville8/12/2021$279,900 $252,000 0CASH
90155600Oaks At Millcreek-I803 Stone Creek DrMonroe8/12/2021$289,000 $289,000 750CASH
90048252Monroe Cotton Mills711 Lawrence StMonroe8/12/2021$280,000 $295,000 0CN95
90111144Stonecreek1003 Stonecreek WayMonroe8/12/2021$314,900 $315,000 0100%
90081468None2645 Youth MonroeMonroe8/12/2021$350,000 $374,000 0FHA
90176793None207 Mobley CirMonroe8/13/2021$75,000 $69,000 0CASH
898248762None3300 Bold Springs RdMonroe8/13/2021$175,000 $155,000 0CN95
897797614Hickory Meadows370 HickorySocial Circle8/13/2021$199,900 $195,000 4,500CN95
89467940None764 Michael RdMonroe8/13/2021$250,000 $250,000 2,000FHA
90102254Highlands1360 Waterford LnMonroe8/13/2021$250,000 $264,487 0OTHR
90154225Hidden Creek320 Windermere DrLoganville8/13/2021$269,900 $280,000 0CN95
90134409Wellington Manor803 Wellington DrMonroe8/13/2021$290,000 $303,000 0CASH
90104395Brookstone Estates3007 Brookstone LnLoganville8/13/2021$298,900 $317,800 0CASH
895300727None5821 S Sharon Church RdLoganville8/13/2021$419,900 $419,900 0CN80
89729620None5300 Emmett Still RdLoganville8/13/2021$925,900 $925,000 0CN80
68985103Jefferson Plantation1032 Monticello DriveMonroe8/9/2021$385,000$385,00010000CONV
691080214Quail Ridge Estates Unit Two2413 FOX HOUND TraceMonroe8/11/2021$225,000$225,0000OTHR
69099257Laurel Mist407 SILVERMIST CourtLoganville8/13/2021$400,000$420,000475FHA