Walton County Real Estate Activity

Week Beginning Saturday 7/24/2021 through Friday 7/30/2021

New Listings in Walton County this week

53 homes were listed for sale in Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS).

5 additional homes were listed in First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) that were not included in GAMLS.


Homes Under Contract this week in walton county

New Listings under contract in under 4 days

As of Monday 8/2/2021, 9 of the 58 listings added this week were under contract. View these quick moving listings below to see the homes Buyer’s were quick to purchase. 

Homes Sold/Closed This Week in Walton County

The “Details of Homes Sold” button will display homes sold as listed in GAMLS.

The carousel below links will  display photos and details of homes sold last week as listed in FMLS.  Click on each property to view details. Note, homes may be duplicated when listed  in both GAMLS and FMLS.  However if a home is listed in one service and not the other you will need to use the button and the carousel to view them all.

View A List of All Homes closed in Walton County Last Week

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The table below lists all homes closed in Walton County that were listed in the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS).  From this list you can compare the sold price to the listing price, see how much closing cost was paid by the seller,  and the type of financing used by the buyer.  


Listing #DOMSubdivisionAddressCityClosed DateList PriceSold PriceSeller Paid Closing CostFinancing Type
896304983Maple Heights611 Maple StMonroe7/30/2021$85,000 $65,000 0CASH
89994221Mill Ridge730 CherokeeMonroe7/30/2021$192,900 $192,900 0CN95
90033542None1120 Mountain Creek Church RdMonroe7/26/2021$220,000 $234,000 2,000CN80
898610117Summerset1950 Summerset DrMonroe7/27/2021$224,000 $247,000 3,000GRFA
89903281Eagle Crossing5062 Cliff Top DrLoganville7/27/2021$265,000 $265,000 4,500FHA
893068192The Highlands1480 Waterford LnMonroe7/28/2021$275,000 $275,000 0VA
897989314River Colony7326 Raleigh WayBethlehem7/29/2021$280,000 $285,000 0FHA
90031134Stonecrest Estates1001 Travitine TrlLoganville7/26/2021$274,900 $285,000 0OTHR
90042855Nunnally Forest1408 Nunnally TrceMonroe7/30/2021$285,000 $300,000 3,000BOND
89682136The Enclave At Dial Farm84 Sandy Creek DrWalnut Grove7/27/2021$300,990 $302,990 0CN95
89999728Watson Farms2357 Watson Fain TrlLoganville7/26/2021$315,000 $317,000 0FHA
90031428Stonecreek247 Stonecreek BndMonroe7/30/2021$329,900 $329,900 0VA
896891662None2214 Gum Creek Church RdLoganville7/29/2021$330,000 $335,000 10,000FHA
899122517Bradley Gin1518 Lakeland DrMonroe7/28/2021$345,000 $350,000 0CN90
8898739142None242 Mount Vernon RdMonroe7/29/2021$369,900 $369,900 2,000CN95
8898748142None240 Mount Vernon RdMonroe7/29/2021$369,900 $369,900 2,500CN80
897762748Bearden Estates683 Luanne WayMonroe7/30/2021$375,000 $372,500 0VA
89938587Oakmont3129 Oakmont DrMonroe7/28/2021$359,900 $375,000 1,000OTHR
89990556Woodlake3545 Timberland RdMonroe7/26/2021$399,900 $396,000 1,000CN80
90024974Woodlake4545 Springwood DrMonroe7/27/2021$400,000 $400,000 0CN80
90030785Arbor At Tara309 Arbor PlLoganville7/26/2021$410,000 $409,000 0FHA
899475519None4260 Jersey Covington RdCovington7/30/2021$399,000 $410,000 8,000CN95
90008262Guthrie Crossing1505 Guthrie Crossing DrLoganville7/30/2021$399,000 $415,000 0OTHR
90074976Dogwood Farms2132 Albert Jones DrLoganville7/27/2021$399,000 $426,000 0CN80
899011814Henderson Ridge1444 Henderson Ridge LnLoganville7/27/2021$479,900 $470,000 0VA
897691022Pines At Jones Wood2542 Jones Pine RdGood Hope7/30/2021$489,900 $489,900 3,000CN95
898373233Falls Rocky Br-Iii2165 ChaseLoganville7/26/2021$516,000 $490,000 500VA
68975388Holiday Park514 Landers StMonroe7/26/2021$229,000$239,000 0FHA