Walton County Real Estate Activity

Week Beginning Saturday 7/17/2021 through Friday 7/23/2021

New Listings in Walton County this week

49 homes were listed for sale in Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS).

2 additional homes were listed in First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) that were not included in GAMLS.


Homes Under Contract this week in walton county

New Listings under contract in under 3 days

As of Saturday 7/24/2021 8 of the 51 Listings added this week were under contract

Homes Sold/Closed This Week in Walton County

The table below lists all homes closed in Walton County that were listed in the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS).  From this list you can compare the sold price to the listing price, see how much closing cost was paid by the seller,  and the type of financing used by the buyer.  

To view the photos and property details of each home sold click the “Details of Homes Sold” (above) to view the details listed in GAMLS.

Listing #DOMSubdivisionAddressCityClosed DateList PriceSold PriceSeller Paid Closing CostsFinancing Type
895593195Pine Park Sub504 Harris StMonroe7/21/2021$55,000 $52,000 0BOND
899311118None512 Marable LnMonroe7/22/2021$70,000 $60,000 0CASH
895813153Deer Field3445 Deerfield RdLoganville7/23/2021$140,000 $125,000 0BOND
896435026Green Acres1447 Jefferson DrMonroe7/20/2021$189,000 $183,000 0CN90
90058723East Side282 Bruce StLoganville7/20/2021$190,000 $191,000 0CASH
89759787None912 AlcovyMonroe7/23/2021$199,990 $210,000 0CN90
89964606Hunters Cove640 Hunters Cove LnLoganville7/20/2021$220,000 $215,000 0CN80
90000744Maggie Valley Park1392 Brookhaven DrMonroe7/23/2021$213,900 $220,000 0URFA
90004038Deer Wood239 Alcovy StMonroe7/23/2021$235,000 $225,000 5,000CN95
90001047Meadow Walk845 Fawnfield DrMonroe7/23/2021$239,900 $235,000 0CN90
898606010Hunters Cove318 Mallard CtLoganville7/20/2021$225,000 $235,000 0CN80
90034035Dove Crossing6440 DoveLoganville7/22/2021$257,900 $259,000 3,000FHA
89823084Golfview788 Nicholas CtMonroe7/21/2021$264,900 $260,000 2,500FHA
90050421Clearwater Estates471 Clearwater WayMonroe7/20/2021$259,000 $265,000 0BOND
90095942Saddlebrook3564 Saddlebrook DrLoganville7/21/2021$250,000 $266,000 0CASH
89993714Alcovy River Landing328 River Landing DrMonroe7/19/2021$245,000 $270,000 4,000CN80
90048382Shiloh Ridge4155 Shiloh CtLoganville7/21/2021$300,000 $286,000 0CASH
89979286Jackson Tim/Pratt Rd1610 Pratt RdCovington7/23/2021$299,900 $305,000 0CN80
90017262Oakmont Subdivision3117 Oakmont DrMonroe7/21/2021$295,000 $312,500 0VA
898289020Stonecreek807 River Brooke CtMonroe7/21/2021$317,475 $322,908 2,500FHA
898258511Stonecreek805 River Brooke CtMonroe7/21/2021$307,225 $325,370 2,500CN80
89892224South Fork777 Kaitlyn DrLoganville7/23/2021$310,000 $330,000 0FHA
89960993Azalea Farms218 Wildflower DrSocial Circle7/23/2021$329,900 $335,000 0CN80
90186240Rose Creek2500 Aniki Bee DrMonroe7/23/2021$340,000 $340,000 0CN95
882753688Rose Creek2704 Rosie CtMonroe7/23/2021$309,900 $343,900 0CN90
89923534None5421 Hightower TrlOxford7/19/2021$349,900 $345,000 0CN80
89828375Cedar Creek1908 Wheatfield CirLoganville7/23/2021$320,000 $350,000 0CASH
90041927Preserve At Good Hope600 Quail CtGood Hope7/19/2021$360,000 $350,000 0CASH
89913976Jacobs Creek118 JacobsLoganville7/20/2021$353,000 $360,000 0CN95
89941767None3250 Monroe Jersey RdCovington7/20/2021$389,900 $375,000 0FHA
897870018Highland Creek2226 Blackberry CtMonroe7/23/2021$379,900 $379,900 0CN95
896925456Grand Haven At Alcovy Mountain978 High Shoal DrMonroe7/23/2021$389,900 $385,000 0CASH
90024192None413 Walton StMonroe7/20/2021$395,000 $385,000 0CASH
89989484Birchwood Place110 Birchwood CtLoganville7/20/2021$375,000 $390,000 0CASH
898297240None517 Mcdaniel StMonroe7/23/2021$399,999 $390,000 1,000OTHR
89981513Westchester2545 Serenity StMonroe7/20/2021$389,900 $393,900 0FHA
89951801Windridge4055 Fawn ValleyLoganville7/21/2021$375,000 $395,000 5,000VA
89984594Olympic Fields1210 Olympic DrOxford7/19/2021$365,000 $400,000 0CN90
897928938Ivy Ridge848 Ivy Ridge DrLoganville7/23/2021$400,000 $400,000 8,000FHA
89923197Royal Plantation2516 Greenfield LnMonroe7/23/2021$388,825 $430,000 2,000CASH
89875417Alcovy Bluffs3012 Brooks TrlMonroe7/21/2021$429,900 $437,000 0CN80
89928148Providence Club8531 Parkview CtMonroe7/23/2021$485,000 $531,500 0FHA
89986713Deer Creek992 NavahoMonroe7/22/2021$300,000 $300,000 6,000CN95